Todays Fashion Is More Than Jewelry

Jewelry by MiaJ began as a site for unique jewelry for the woman that not only wanted to look good but, was also looking for a change from the ordinary. We focused on custom made jewelry; necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings from crystal, natural gemstones and pearls. However, when talking fashion you need to consider more than just jewelry. We have expanded to cover fashion accessories, clothing, current fashion trends and basically any thing involving today’s fashion!

Fashion is an element that impacts a great number of individual’s clothing options from season to season. Some have very little interest in fashion, while others won’t stop until their closet is packed with the season’s best clothing. Fashion has been around in numerous areas of life for a great deal of time, so is in no way new. Fashion designers are constantly seeking to produce new pieces however, pressing the boundaries to develop distinctive and occasionally controversial ideas. Fashion can be an essential part of your daily life and is something you cannot neglect since it affects your personality. Nevertheless, it is something that is constantly changing and you have to change with it as well. You can find so many strange, stunning and also traditional fashion trends that you can choose to follow.

Accessories can emphasize your best assets and diminish your worst. Incorporating a scarf could make last years outfit look current. Altering your day look for evening can be achieved by merely changing an informal necklace you wore to work to a necklace that features some sparkle to it. A great fashion accessory can make or break any outfit, whether it’s a designer belt, a scarf with just the right colors or possibly a gorgeous hair band; nothing will boost your fashion points more than the perfect accessory. You can begin each day with a new and different look when you compliment yourself with today’s fashion trendy accessories. Choose different belts, bags, gloves and hats to make each day unique.

Fashion jewelry has many trends, which are updated regularly. Following are the different types of fashion jewelry.

• Handmade jewelry: Due to the various styles and combination of gems and beads this type of jewelry has become increasingly popular. This type of jewelry appears original when compared to the other styles. Since homemade jewelry uses an array of materials it can be worn with almost any outfit.

• Special jewelry: This type of jewelry is created for special events, (weddings or parties). It covers necklaces, rings and brooches, and usually heavy stones or crystals are used.

• Earrings: Earrings are popular as fashion jewelry with a mixture of silver and gold becoming more popular. Larger sizes and dangling earring often are a part of the latest trend.

• Bracelets: Your jewelry collection just isn’t complete without bracelets. Quite often bracelets are made with stones to provide a hand crafted look and are often made from stainless steel rather than silver (silver is usually pricey). Bracelets come in a variety of colors and often are mixed with bead to provide an elegant look.

• Rings: Rings are famous and necessary in fashion jewelry, and most women just don’t feel complete without their rings. Delicate rings are always in demand since they can be worn for virtually any occasion. Many fashion rings are decorated using a higher quality stone and beads. Rings with precious stones such as diamonds are also quite popular but can become very expensive.


Timeless Clothing Fashion Tips

2013-12-17 23:18:24 miaj

Regardless of the season or the current fashion trend there are some rules about fashion that just don’t change. In order to get the most mileage out of your fashion budget be sure to follow the basics of what you should or shouldn’t wear for every purchase. Remember, that the majority of your fashion dollars should go towards the items you plan to hang onto for a while, not the ones that will end up being a quick trend.

Basic Fashion Suggestions

Make sure your clothes fit well; not too big or too small. This means buying clothes to fit you today and not how you envision they’ll fit in three months when you plan to lose ten pounds. If your size does change (either increase or decrease), then have the cloths altered to fit you. Keep in mind that clothing will flatter you the most when it comfortably hugs your body.

Clothing needs to flatter your shape. Keep in mind that everyone is different and just because an outfit works well for someone else, it may not work at all for you. It won’t really matter how cute an outfit is, if it doesn’t flatter you body type, it isn’t going to make you look cute. You need to experiment with different cuts, patterns and styles to find what works for you. For instance, a shorter person, should buy outfits that bring the eyes up when others look at them meaning they require shirts that only come down to their waist (and not past their bottom), and outfits with noticeable necklines that attract the eyes up towards their face. For taller individuals, either cropped pants or Capri’s can work to balance out their height. Horizontal patterns as opposed to vertical stripes help give the illusion of a taller appearance instead of a wider one. Experiment and find the look that works best for you then, keep clear of the other looks regardless of how appealing they may look.

Invest the majority of your fashion budget in the basics; clothing that will withstand the test of time. Blue jeans, black pants and skirts and a basic black dress all fit into this category. You looking for items that you can easily match up with the trendy items but that always stay in style. The same applies to purses and basic pumps as well.

Keep Your Wardrobe Current

Staying fashionable requires that you’re always looking your best. This can easily be accomplished by organizing your closet so your basic items are easy to access and pair with any trendy accessories or scarves you may choose to spice them up. Periodically clean out your closet; if you haven’t worn something in over a year then get rid of it. Attempt to develop a particular color theme with your clothing, these will allow you to easily match them with other items. Following these tips will make it simple to highlight your fashion sense, since everything you have will be complementary so, nothing you choose will be wrong!

New Jewelry Store For Georgia?

2014-03-15 00:53:21 miaj

There is an unconfirmed report circulating around the grapevine that there maybe a new jewelry store headed for the Georgia coast. Rumor has it that an investment firm has purchased some property on a few of Georgia’s barrier islands and may opening a jewelry store on one sometime in the near future.

There is a group of real estate investors that has been purchasing properties along the eastern seaboard with the intent of opening small retail shops in various beach communities. According to an undisclosed source; there is a small real estate investment firm that attends government tax sales throughout the country and purchases properties at auction for investment purposes. The firm purchases tax certificates or tax deeds from the local counties with the hope of possibly ending up with a piece of real estate.

Apparently, when an individual or business fails to pay their property tax the local government can issue a tax lien against the property. Then, after a specific amount of time passes the country has the right to sell either a tax lien certificate or tax deed (which one is sold is determined by the state and county) to private investors in order to obtain the funding they require to run the local government. The original property owner then has a specific amount of time (that varies from state to state) to pay the investors the back due taxes, interest, penalties and all associated costs or risk losing the property.

It is rumored that the investment firm recently traveled to Georgia to attend the monthly tax sale in Chatham County and purchased tax deeds to properties on some of Georgia’s barrier islands. One of the properties that the firm supposedly acquired a deed to is reported to be located on the northern end of Tybee Island.

According to our source, the investment firm feels that Tybee Island would be an ideal location for a retail store dealing with fashion jewelry and clothing. Although Tybee is a small island with a relatively small number of full time local residents, studies indicated that Tybee’s attraction as an oceanfront resort would bring enough visitors throughout the summer season to make the venture worthwhile. In addition, Tybee is home to many parades and other special events that will draw visitors to the island throughout the year, specifically the annual Pirate fest held in October.

If everything works as planned, the store will offer more than your typical fashion jewelry. It will also carry fine jewelry, diamond rings, gold and silver bracelets and earrings and even wedding bands for the individuals that want a spur of the moment wedding on the beach or in Tybee’s wedding chapel. In addition the store will offer some higher end designer clothing, fitness clothing and beachwear that’s required for a beach vacation resort location. The store is hoping to keep visitors on the island for their jewelry and clothing needs rather than traveling to Savannah to the shops and malls for the items they forgot to bring along.

At this point in time there is still much uncertainty as to what will transpire. The original owners still have time to repay their debt to the investors and keep their property. However, it is possible that in the future a new jewelry store may locate to the sunny beaches of Tybee Island Georgia.

Fitness Fashion - The Proper Clothing

2014-03-08 15:38:28 miaj

Many individuals today are beginning to finally put a greater importance on health and fitness and pursing a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. Usually when people start a new fitness regime they look into many aspects including:

However, one critical part that is often glossed over by many is proper clothing and fitness fashion. Now, I understand that most people feel that they’re just going to a gym to workout and get sweaty, so why dress up? I’m not talking about dressing as if you’re attending some formal function but, you need to dress properly and wear the correct clothing so why not do so in fashion.  Feel good about your workouts and add a little fitness fashion to your wardrobe.

When you step back and look at it really does make sense, your clothing can help to get you into the right frame of mind or character in a manner of speaking. If you think about it, the reason many businesses have a professional dress code or mandate that their employees wear a specific uniform is to put them into the proper mindset for the job their performing. The same holds true for a trip to the gym and an exercise routine. If you dress the part you’re more inclined to that the job or task seriously. If more individuals gave up their old tattered and torn sweats and shirts and gym shoes that should have been pitched long ago and dressed for success at the gym it can have a positive impact. The bright colors and new textures can go a long way to motivate you.

When dressing for a trip to the gym there are two things to consider:

1. Your top priority should be functionality above all else.
2. Style should be second on your list; you never know who you’ll run into at the gym so you need to consider your appearance.

Here are a few tips for selecting the proper attire.

  • Tops – Many people including myself want to stay cool at the gym by wearing either a T-shirt or tank top. If you go this route, keep the shirt simple, comfortable fitting (not too loose or skin tight) and wear a material like cotton that will help to keep dampness away from the skin. However, if you can stand things a little warmer a hoodie or sweatshirt is a great choice! Sweatshirts help keep muscles, tendons and joints warm which can increase circulation and decrease the chance of injury. If you choose a sweatshirt find one with a material that’s moisture-wicking to keep you warm and dry.
  • Bottoms – There are a few items that are on the do not wear list (spandex, yoga pants, cargo pants, swim suits and capri’s) are definitely out. Your bottoms will either be short (a couple inches below your knee) or long (ankle length); and need to be comfortable enough to allow you to move. Just like your shirt, baggy pants and spandex have no place in a gym.
  • Socks & Shoes – Socks are pretty easy, not real thin and not heavy and thick; a basic short (ankle high), white sock will be fine. Shoes definitely need to be athletic (no dress shoes or sandals), select a pair that will provide support, is comfortable (cushioned) and can breathe. If you need to make fashion statement and express yourself, the shoes are a good choice.
  • Headgear – Most people don’t use headgear at the gym but, if you feel you must; the best choice would be a simple beanie or skullcap (they’re easy to clean). I definitely wouldn’t recommend brimmed hats such as a baseball cap, not only are they harder to clean but, they tend to get in your way.

Remember, fitness and fashion for the gym doesn’t mean you need to wear a $500 outfit; you just need to dress for success, stay comfortable and look good.