Hi, I’m Miaj and would like to welcome you to my site JewelryBy Miaj, and provide you with a little information about myself. I am a fashion designer and have been involved in the fashion industry for many years.

I’ve had a love of jewelry since I was very young. On any given day, you could find me parading around the house covered with my mother’s jewelry, tripping over the far too long necklaces and leaving a trail of rings and bracelets where ever I wandered.  I would open up magazines to the “diamonds” and “gems” pages and stare at them for hours. When I was about 4, I badgered my mother to let me have my ears pierced so I could wear little diamond studs.  I didn’t even wait until my ear healed before making a list of all the earrings I wanted to buy.

As my love of jewelry grew, so did I, and before long I discovered that my passion for jewelry, diamonds and designer pieces came with a healthy price tag.  Instead of continually buying, I immersed myself in the wonder of jewelry.  I learned all that I could, whether it was by reading, talking about jewelry with others, and when I was 18, I found a job in a fine jewelry store just to be close to my passion.

As I grew older, I eventually started my own jewelry line where I create custom made gemstone jewelry; necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings at affordable prices. As the years pasted by I decided to begin this site to share my passion for jewelry that has become a main part of my life.  I later expanded my interests and began focusing not only on jewelry, but also on accessories, clothing and trends. I hope you find the information on my site useful and continue to visit. Thank You for stopping by Jewelry by Miaj.