Fitness Fashion – The Proper Clothing

Many individuals today are beginning to finally put a greater importance on health and fitness and pursing a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. Usually when people start a new fitness regime they look into many aspects including:

However, one critical part that is often glossed over by many is proper clothing and fitness fashion. Now, I understand that most people feel that they’re just going to a gym to workout and get sweaty, so why dress up? I’m not talking about dressing as if you’re attending some formal function but, you need to dress properly and wear the correct clothing so why not do so in fashion.  Feel good about your workouts and add a little fitness fashion to your wardrobe.

When you step back and look at it really does make sense, your clothing can help to get you into the right frame of mind or character in a manner of speaking. If you think about it, the reason many businesses have a professional dress code or mandate that their employees wear a specific uniform is to put them into the proper mindset for the job their performing. The same holds true for a trip to the gym and an exercise routine. If you dress the part you’re more inclined to that the job or task seriously. If more individuals gave up their old tattered and torn sweats and shirts and gym shoes that should have been pitched long ago and dressed for success at the gym it can have a positive impact. The bright colors and new textures can go a long way to motivate you.

When dressing for a trip to the gym there are two things to consider:

1. Your top priority should be functionality above all else.
2. Style should be second on your list; you never know who you’ll run into at the gym so you need to consider your appearance.

Here are a few tips for selecting the proper attire.

  • Tops – Many people including myself want to stay cool at the gym by wearing either a T-shirt or tank top. If you go this route, keep the shirt simple, comfortable fitting (not too loose or skin tight) and wear a material like cotton that will help to keep dampness away from the skin. However, if you can stand things a little warmer a hoodie or sweatshirt is a great choice! Sweatshirts help keep muscles, tendons and joints warm which can increase circulation and decrease the chance of injury. If you choose a sweatshirt find one with a material that’s moisture-wicking to keep you warm and dry.
  • Bottoms – There are a few items that are on the do not wear list (spandex, yoga pants, cargo pants, swim suits and capri’s) are definitely out. Your bottoms will either be short (a couple inches below your knee) or long (ankle length); and need to be comfortable enough to allow you to move. Just like your shirt, baggy pants and spandex have no place in a gym.
  • Socks & Shoes – Socks are pretty easy, not real thin and not heavy and thick; a basic short (ankle high), white sock will be fine. Shoes definitely need to be athletic (no dress shoes or sandals), select a pair that will provide support, is comfortable (cushioned) and can breathe. If you need to make fashion statement and express yourself, the shoes are a good choice.
  • Headgear – Most people don’t use headgear at the gym but, if you feel you must; the best choice would be a simple beanie or skullcap (they’re easy to clean). I definitely wouldn’t recommend brimmed hats such as a baseball cap, not only are they harder to clean but, they tend to get in your way.

Remember, fitness and fashion for the gym doesn’t mean you need to wear a $500 outfit; you just need to dress for success, stay comfortable and look good.

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