Timeless Clothing Fashion Tips

Regardless of the season or the current fashion trend there are some rules about fashion that just don’t change. In order to get the most mileage out of your fashion budget be sure to follow the basics of what you should or shouldn’t wear for every purchase. Remember, that the majority of your fashion dollars should go towards the items you plan to hang onto for a while, not the ones that will end up being a quick trend.

Basic Fashion Suggestions

Make sure your clothes fit well; not too big or too small. This means buying clothes to fit you today and not how you envision they’ll fit in three months when you plan to lose ten pounds. If your size does change (either increase or decrease), then have the cloths altered to fit you. Keep in mind that clothing will flatter you the most when it comfortably hugs your body.

Clothing needs to flatter your shape. Keep in mind that everyone is different and just because an outfit works well for someone else, it may not work at all for you. It won’t really matter how cute an outfit is, if it doesn’t flatter you body type, it isn’t going to make you look cute. You need to experiment with different cuts, patterns and styles to find what works for you. For instance, a shorter person, should buy outfits that bring the eyes up when others look at them meaning they require shirts that only come down to their waist (and not past their bottom), and outfits with noticeable necklines that attract the eyes up towards their face. For taller individuals, either cropped pants or Capri’s can work to balance out their height. Horizontal patterns as opposed to vertical stripes help give the illusion of a taller appearance instead of a wider one. Experiment and find the look that works best for you then, keep clear of the other looks regardless of how appealing they may look.

Invest the majority of your fashion budget in the basics; clothing that will withstand the test of time. Blue jeans, black pants and skirts and a basic black dress all fit into this category. You looking for items that you can easily match up with the trendy items but that always stay in style. The same applies to purses and basic pumps as well.

Keep Your Wardrobe Current

Staying fashionable requires that you’re always looking your best. This can easily be accomplished by organizing your closet so your basic items are easy to access and pair with any trendy accessories or scarves you may choose to spice them up. Periodically clean out your closet; if you haven’t worn something in over a year then get rid of it. Attempt to develop a particular color theme with your clothing, these will allow you to easily match them with other items. Following these tips will make it simple to highlight your fashion sense, since everything you have will be complementary so, nothing you choose will be wrong!

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